What does being a French manufacturer actually mean? It means a huge team behind our collections – designing and manufacturing each piece and ensuring it’s up to scratch. It means a painting line and cutting-edge robots to maintain only the highest quality standards. It means passion and patience in spades.

It means pieces that take two years to develop. And it means products that are treated and designed to last. That are easy and comfortable to use. Because our factories right here in France are where our furniture comes to life.

We work hard each and every day to build a more responsible company.

We are rightly proud of our environmentally friendly raw materials, our zero-waste painting line installed in 1997, the selective waste sorting policy at our factory, our commitment to eco-design principles from product design to packaging...

But we’re not happy to rest on our laurels. We want to be more than a RESPONSIBLE company. We aim to be a brand that CARES.

That’s why we’ve designed our factory machines with the safety and comfort of our employees in mind. Our products make our customers’ lives easier. Our processes should do the same for our workers.