Children's chairs and benches

At Fermob, kids get to have pretty, stylish furniture too. They can even enjoy our most iconic collections! The Luxembourg and Bistro chair models are available in mini versions, in the same signature Fermob colors as the large models. The result? Luxembourg Kid and Tom Pouce. These designer garden chairs are built to go with tables in the same collection for a harmonious look. Perfect for playing, drawing or snacking, these children's chairs can be used indoors as well as out (in bedrooms, toddlers' playrooms, or a corner of the living room). They bring a little extra brightness to your indoor decor.

The metal chairs are available in Fermob's 24 signature colors, and add a nice decorative touch to any child's bedroom. A designer gift idea that kids will love!

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  • Clay GreyClay Grey
  • Lapilli GreyLapilli Grey
  • Storm GreyStorm Grey
  • AnthraciteAnthracite
  • LiquoriceLiquorice
  • Deep blueDeep blue
  • Acapulco BlueAcapulco Blue
  • Cedar greenCedar green
  • RosemaryRosemary
  • CactusCactus
  • Willow GreenWillow Green
  • PestoPesto
  • GingerbreadGingerbread
  • NutmegNutmeg
  • Black CherryBlack Cherry
  • Red OchreRed Ochre
  • ChiliChili
  • PoppyPoppy
  • CapucineCapucine
  • HoneyHoney
  • Frosted LemonFrosted Lemon
  • Ice MintIce Mint
  • Opaline GreenOpaline Green
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow
  • Cotton WhiteCotton White
  • GingerbreadGingerbread


    25 colours available



  • New!

    Black CherryBlack Cherry

    Black Cherry

    25 colours available