Control your Fermob exterior lighting from the tips of your fingers using your Android or iOS smartphone! With Bluetooth technology, you can control your lamp, view its remaining battery life and program your lighting moods remotely through your smartphone. The “Fermob Lighting” application is available for free on the App Store and on Google Play.

Fermob innovates by offering a new accessory: the LUDO connected switch. Ludo is both portable and wireless, for use anywhere in the home or garden. It’s also smart and clever: a switch/button affixed to the wall through its wall base (mounted via screws or adhesive) or magnetically attached to your refrigerator or Fermob table…
It can remotely control several Fermob lamps, vary their light temperature and intensity and is designed for outdoor use.

Create your own ambiences by playing with different light intensities and color temperatures: warm, for a cozy ambience, neutral for natural lighting, or cold to accent the lines of architectural features.
The perfect way to procure a cozy reading nook, a happy family mealtime, a conscientious office space, or a chic poolside... Fermob lights are real chameleons that adapt to your setting and mood.

Do you have a question regarding the Fermob Lighting application or do you need help connecting your light fixture? View our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) online. Continuously updated, this space will answer your questions and help you learn about and get started with the Fermob Lighting application.

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