• Our approach

    Our approach

    Our colours, An array of possibilities

    Gardens invite us to explore our imagination. Plants, trees, games… Sharing and daydreams… This realm of freedom nurtures self-expression. And sometimes self-discovery too.

    Fermob’s philosophy embraces the imagination by offering 23 colours – metal, fresh, contemporary, sparkling or classic, but always exclusive. They form the widest choice on the garden furniture market.

    Our colour chart is a work in progress, and regularly refreshed. We do not strive to cover all bases or follow fashion fads. Our wish is to offer you a coherent, enduring range that gives you options for combining colours and all our product ranges. The look you create can stay monochrome, add touches of colour, or be kaleidoscopic… It’s up to you to compose the world that reflects your personality, by expressing your creative impulse!

  • A methodology

    A methodology

    Our colours, The blooming of a colour

    Our colours owe nothing to chance: each one is conceived and developed with meticulous care. They must stand alone but also enhance our colour chart, adding plenty of possible combinations.

    A team with complementary skills (in art, design and merchandising) work in concert to define our directions: they detect and anticipate trends, and handle colours and harmonies daily, both outdoors and in our shops (who tell us which harmonies are in demand). A network of interlinked actions… and vibrant creative activity that yields unique colours, shades and tones!

    Texture: an ingredient in colour!

    Many properties of colour – such as depth, radiance, softness, intensity and richness – are also influenced by texture. To obtain just the right shade, Fermob also offers a range of finishes: smooth, textured, glittery, mat, semi-mat, and more…

    We constantly research the materials we add to the colour-base powder.

    Metal, mother-of-pearl, gold or silver particles are distributed evenly or randomly to make each colour even more bright!

  • Know-how


    Our colours, Integrated know-how

    At our factory in Thoissey, northeast of Lyon, Fermob has one of the most efficient in-house painting lines in Europe. The brand can thus control its finishes and ensure consistently high-quality application.

    The 22-stage process (degreasing, anti-corrosion treatments,oven-baling, etc.), performed in a 220m-long system, is a well-guarded secret. A powder coating is deposited electrostatically, thenoven-baked… The operations are so delicate that even the slightest discrepancy can alter the colour!

    Courtesy of its controlled know-how, Fermob offers robust products protected from the effects of sunlight and humidity, and whose colour loses none of its intensity over time - for enduring pleasure, and a wonderfully vivid garden!