Some of our collections are part of the company's French cultural heritage and truly synonymous with the brand. They have an assertive design that has become familiar to us over time. 

Today, these collections have succeeded in reaching beyond our borders, spreading the French lifestyle around the world.

The Luxembourg range, originally created for the gardens of the same name in Paris, has acquired legendary status.

Its iconic French designer style was reinterpreted in 2003 by designer Frédéric Sofia. He reinvented these metal garden chairs, which have become particularly symbolic of the French way of life, giving them an aluminium frame and improved ergonomics, while remaining true to the original spirit.

Witness to many a kiss, romantic tryst, lunch break or quiet half-hour of reading in the sun, this iconic Parisian park collection has plenty of stories to tell.
In France and all over the world, the collection is available in a wide range of styles, for super chic gardens and terraces to parks, museums and even universities! 

Created in 1889, Bistro is a true classic!
Created in the same year as the Eiffel Tower, Bistro is a quintessentially smart, cheerful collection that has lost none of its charm or authenticity.
A pioneer in folding furniture, this collection was a huge success in the first half of the 20th century with barkeepers, café owners and other guinguette (Parisian bar) owners, thanks to its lightness, strength and ingenious design, which made it easy to store.
Today, it can be found on restaurant terraces, in everyone's gardens for family meals, and even in the streets of Times Square so that people all over the world get to enjoy its French flavour!

The 1900 collection tells the story of how we first began to socialise in the garden and demonstrates traditional know-how.
In a nod to Haussmann's balconies, 1900 plays on a Belle Époque style with magnificent scrolls.
It is still crafted today in the traditional forge at the Fermob workshops, using know-how that has been handed down for generations, giving each of these products a unique character.
Its curves evoke the romantic gardens of yesteryear and its contemporary colours are sure to turn heads!

Featuring our Balad lamp, the first outdoor portable lamp.
Launch in Winter 2015, Fermob made a noteworthy entrance into the wonderful world of lighting with BALAD.
The objective is the same: to create comfortable, magical spaces, accentuated by colour, design and a joyful spirit.
Like all Fermob products, it is characterised by innovation, distinctive lines and its ease of use.
Created by designer Tristan Lohner, the Balad lamp has all the hallmarks of a great lamp. The materials it is made from make it a lightweight product that is robust at the same time.
Since 2015, it has been paving the way for a new way of experiencing lighting in complete freedom, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. No more limits, just uncompromising illumination!